Quality and comfort in Jämin Metsätähti and Villa Aurinko

Jämin Metsätähti and Villa Aurinko are tastefully decorated and well equipped villas used in all seasons. Villas are located in the Mielahti vacation home area near Jämi outdoor activity center and near Jämijärvi.

Jämin Metsätähti is a two storey five-star villa. Villa Aurinko is one-storey five-star villa with a loft.

Both villas have spacious living rooms  combined with kitchens and large bedrooms. Jämin Metsätähti has four bedrooms and Villa Aurinko has three bedrooms and a loft. Both villas have a lot of covered outdoor space, plenty of outdoor furniture and there are sandpits and swings available for children in both villas and a playhouse in Jämin Metsätähti.

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Come and relax in our villas, enjoy the atmosphere and feel a bit of luxury!