1 §. Scope of application

These terms are applicable to a contract concerning countryside holidays

when a travel entrepreneur offers rural tourism services to an individual

customer or a group comprising two or more individuals. Where relevant, the

terms shall apply also when rural tourism services are offered to other

companies or associations.


2 §. Definition

The phrase "Rural tourism service" as used in these terms refers to:

a) accommodation;

b) accommodation and any other tourism service which is not substantial

from the perspective of the totality; or

c) any or several of the following: meals, meeting arrangements, the

arrangement of leisure and recreational opportunities.


3 §. Conclusion of a contract

A contract shall be concluded and these terms shall become binding on the

parties when the terms have been presented to the customer and he or she

has then made at least an advance payment.


4 §. Terms of payment

An invoice shall be sent to the customer by normal post or e-mail.

The payment must be made according to the details specified on the invoice.

Any notifications must be made within 5 days of the date of the invoice.

The reservation is confirmed once the customer has paid a deposit

equal to 30% of the rent by the due date (7 days from the date of

the invoice) or if both the deposit and final payment are paid at once.

The final payment must be paid no later than six (6) weeks before

the start of the service


If the payments or payment periods are neglected, the reservation may

be cancelled without any separate notification to the customer.


Before using a service, the customer must present a receipt or other

evidence of payment.


Prices are given without commitment and the owner reserves the right to

alter prices.


5 §. The customer's right to rescind a contract

Cancellations must be made in writing (by letter or e-mail). A cancellation

is valid from the moment that entrepreneur has received notification of

the cancellation. If the customer can show that the cancellation has been

made and sent to the right address at the right time, the cancellation shall

be accepted regardless of whether it arrives late or not at all.

The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation. If the cancellation is

made within 42 days of the start of the holiday, the entire price of the holiday

shall be charged. If the holiday is sold onwards to another customer for

the same price, the original deposit shall be kept as a cancellation fee.

We recommend the travel insurance.

If the customer makes a change to the reservation (holiday destination or

rental period), entrepreneur has the right to charge a deposit for the original

reservation. Changes must be made no later than six (6) weeks before the start

of the reservation period. Changes made later than this shall be considered

a new reservation and a cancellation of the previous reservation.


6 §. The entrepreneur's right to rescind a contract

The entrepreneur has a right to rescind a contract or terminate provision

of the service if an insuperable impediment, such as a fire, force majeure,

a measure on the part of the authorities, a strike or any comparable

unforeseeable event over which the entrepreneur has no influence prevents

or substantially impedes provision of the service. If a contract is

rescinded, the full amount paid must be refunded to the customer, and if

provision of the service is interrupted, that part of the price

corresponding to the unrealised part of the service is refundable.

The entrepreneur must immediately inform the customer of an impediment due

to which a service can not be implemented.


7 §. Responsibility for implementation of a contract

It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to ensure that the customer

receives the services stipulated in the contract in the form that they are

marketed or as separately agreed with respect to each booking.


8 §. Responsibility of the parties and compensation for damage

The customer has a right to compensation for damage which a defect in the

entrepreneur's performance has caused him or her if the defect or damage is

due to the negligence of the entrepreneur. Examples of damages for which

compensation must be paid include the excess expenses that the fault has

caused the customer and costs that have become useless.


The entrepreneur bears no responsibility for damage attributable to force

majeure or any other unforeseeable cause which the entrepreneur could not

have prevented even by acting with the greatest-possible care. The

entrepreneur must immediately inform the customer of an impediment and

strive to act in a way that the damage suffered by the customer is as

minimal as possible.


The cottage will be at the client’s disposal from 16.00 (4 pm) on the day

of arrival to 12.00 (12 noon) on the day of departure.


The keys to the cottage will be delivered in the way agreed with the

client. The client will return the keys according to instructions he will

receive. For a missing key a compensation will be charged.


The customer must observe the guidelines and rules specified by the

entrepreneur in relation to the use of the service and will be responsible

for any damage caused by him or her to the entrepreneur or a third party.

The client is liable for damage he or she causes to the cottage, its

equipment or environment. If the client causes serious disorder, danger or

indifference of the rules in the cottage or in the cottage area, the hire

contract can be cancelled immediately and the client has no right to refund

of the rent.


The client is responsible for cleaning the cottage during the rental period

and on departure. Should the client fail to do so, the owner will be

entitled to make a supplementary charge of at least 140€ for the cleaning.

Bringing animals into the cottage is not allowed.

Smoking inside the cottage is not allowed.


The number of people using the cottage must not exceed the number agreed

upon making the reservation. Extra persons are charged according to current

price list. Charge for unannounced persons is 17 €/ day. Tents and caravans

are not permitted on a holiday cottage plot without the owner’s permission.


The customer is under an obligation to ensure that he or she has the valid

documents which are a priori conditions for using the service, e.g.

passport, visa, firearms certificate, receipt for fisheries-management fee,

as well as the insurance cover that he or she considers necessary.


If a customer fails to use the agreed services or uses them only in part,

he or she will not be entitled on this basis to a price reduction or



9 §. Complaints and settlement of disputes

The customer is obliged to complain immediately to the entrepreneur about

any defects that can be rectified already while the service is being used.

Any other complaints concerning defects which could not have been put right

during use of the service and demands for compensation must be made in

writing to the entrepreneur, normally within one month of the use of the

service having ended. If an accident connected to the cottages or its

equipment occurs during the stay, it must be notified to the owner at

latest the departure day. From accidents not notified to the owner, the

owner is entitled to collect from the customer an extra 90 € arrangement

fee added to the total amount of the compensation.


In the event of the customer and the entrepreneur failing to reach

agreement, the customer can refer the matter in dispute to the Consumer

Complaints Board for resolution.